Please take time to read the draft plan, then comment on the feedback form and return it to the clerk. Your feedback is a very valuable part of this process, it will all be recorded and collated, every comment is considered and amendments may be made prior to the plan being submitted to Melton. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Use this interactive form to submit your feedback via the website
Stathern Neighbourhood Plan Pre-Submission consultation feedback Form
Please return by 18-09-2020 via
E-mail to:
Or by post to: Stathern Parish Clerk, Wyton House, 38 Valebrook Road, Stathern, LE14 4EB
This six-week pre-submission consultation on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan is the last time we will be asking people for comments before submitting the Plan to Melton Borough Council.
All responses received by the above date will be considered and may be utilised to amend the Draft Neighbourhood Plan. A Consultation Statement including a summary of all comments received and how these were considered will be made available along with the amended Neighbourhood Plan. Please note we will not accept responses that are anonymous and that comments may be made public. Your personal details will not be made public.
A copy of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan can be vied online from  03-08-20 at:
Thank you for your help and support in the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan for Stathern Parish Council.
SECTION 2: Representation
Where possible, please indicate to which part of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan each comment relates.
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If you would like to be kept updated on progress with the development of the Neighbourhood Plan please indicate here by ticking either Yes or No as appropriate:

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