The access road is complete and the site fenced off, a new groundworks team have been appointed causing delay. This will be followed by the initial site infrastructure work. The barns are due to be demolished week commencing 18th Apr and will take 5 weeks. With the commencement of house building expected after that. The target for development completion is the end of spring 2024. For queries during the works, Davidsons can be contacted on 01530 261444 

There will be some piling required, this will create some noise in the area, we will post the date for this work when it is available.

The conditions that need to be discharged for this application are shown below once the application has been submitted to the local planning authority, follow the links in blue to view the application on Melton Planning Portal.

Condition 3 External Materials - 21/01062/DIS Permitted

Condition 4 Hard and Soft Landscaping works - 21/01237/DIS Permitted

Condition 6 tree protection plan and protection fencing - 21/00701/DIS Permitted

Condition 13 scheme for traffic calming on Mill Hill - 21/00702/DIS Permitted

Condition 17 Construction environmental management plan - 21/00877/DIS Permitted

Condition 7 Construction traffic management and routing plan - 21/00878/DIS Permitted

Condition 5 Biodiversity management plan for all retained and created habitat - 21/00907/DIS Permitted

Condition 14 Surface Water Drainage Scheme - 21/01061/DIS Permitted

Condition 15 Management of surface water on site during construction - 21/01014/DIS Permitted

Condition 16 Long term maintenance of surface water drainage system - 21/01015/DIS Permitted

Condition 21 Details of Lighting of Shared Parking Areas - 22/00232/DIS Permitted

Link to the planning application 19/01302/FUL