This page is to provide up to date information during the COVID-19 outbreak

There is a dedicated volunteer network to assist during this time with shopping, prescription collection, dog walking as well as volunteers happy to chat by phone to those isolated. Every street has been allocated a warden that can keep a closer eye on their area and ensure those isolating or vulnerable get access to the support available.

Contact number for support is 07702 806685, you will be highlighted to your area warden who will share their contact number or any support requests will go direct to the volunteer network. Do leave a message if there is no answer, it is regularly checked.

We are now back in a national lockdown, for more information on how this affects you and what you can and cannot do please follow this link.

Melton Borough Council: Update to services:

We have made an assessment of the impact of the new Lockdown restrictions on our services. Given the existing covid-secure measures we have in place, the vast majority of our services can continue with appropriate risk assessments in place, though where changes are necessary these are set out in the comprehensive summary below.  

Thankfully, the impact on our colleagues in terms of infections continues to be relatively low, though we will keep monitoring service resilience and may need to redeploy staff should infection rates rise. We have reinforced the ‘where at all possible, work from home’ message to all staff and are also supporting those who now have to manage the additional challenge of home schooling.

Service Summary:

Access to Parkside/Services: The reception at Parkisde will remain open, but strictly by appointment only and with access by utilising the intercom, both for Job Centre Plus and Council services. Customers will be encouraged to access services via phone, online and remote meeting options to minimise the need to attend the offices. The Registrar has confirmed they will be providing a reduced level of service.

Waste and Environmental Services: Waste collection and environmental services will continue as normal. The Skate park and playgrounds will remain open.

Homelessness/CBL: No change in current arrangements – with the majority of homelessness enquiries dealt with through telephone/zoon interviews and properties continuing to be advertised as they are currently.  

Housing Management: Sign ups to continue in line with current safe system of work. Essential visits only for tenancy management issues, again subject to risk assessment. Rent collection/arrears management to continue unchanged. At Gretton Court a revised risk assessment was undertaken as part of the move to tier 4. Tenants are being asked to confirm names of their support bubble and robust practices are in place.

Housing Repairs: Responsive repairs will continue, subject to individual risk assessments, especially for those who are clinically extremely vulnerable. Void work and compliance works (gas, fire etc) will continue unchanged. In terms of capital works, we will suspend kitchen and bathroom replacements to avoid the risk that an infection and resulting isolation mid works left the tenant without key facilities during the interruption. Window (mainly external works) and Boiler replacements (due to failures) to continue. External works – (e.g scooter pods) to continue.

Anti-social behaviours: Essential visits only, subject to risk assessment.

Revenues and benefits: To continue unchanged.

Community Hub and other supportive services (case management/M&ML): Currently assessing need from new lockdown. Existing processes and arrangements already in place and will continue. To adapt capacity as required to support changing needs. Phoenix House also to move to appointments only, similar to Parkside.

Leisure facilities and activities: All Leisure centres already closed due to tier 4 restrictions and this to continue. Tennis courts have also now been closed as per new restrictions.  Face to face leisure classes to cease.

Lifeline: To continue, subject to individual risk assessments.

Community Centres: Both the Cove and Fairmead remain Closed. The Edge continues to be used by the County Council as a Children’s Centre.

Regulatory Services: Assessing impact of new guidelines and awaiting guidance from the Food Standards Agency in relation to the impact on food hygiene inspections. We are also reviewing the impact on licenses.

Cattle Market: Will operate in the same way as the November Lockdown with a segregated livestock and general market. All non-essential stalls and units are shut.

Public Toilets: Will remain open with cleaning and sanitiser dispensers in place.

Business Grants: The new guidance is being reviewed and once more fully understood, additional resource will be redeployed to meet the requirements as necessary, similar to the March lockdown.

Planning development: Processing of planning applications to continue as normal.

Strategic projects – e.g. regeneration/ planning policy: As per the first lockdown in March last year, to support key activities like the Community Hub and Business grants distribution, it may be necessary to redeploy colleagues from other services to help. If this happens there may be some disruption to more strategic projects and the timescales associated with them. At this stage any specific impacts are not clear but once this is better understood, further updates will be provided.

Committee and Council meeting: Will continue remotely and as planned.

Elections: So far the government has indicated they do not intend to postpone the elections again and we continue to plan for delivering the PCC and County Council elections in May in a covid-secure way.

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